The importance of trust

Any good relationship with another human being has a foundation of trust.  Without trust, no relationship can thrive, whether that relationship is with a spouse, a friend, a teacher, or a child.

Trust, especially within a family, is of utmost importance.  Why?  Without trust, the relationship holders – mother to child, wife to husband, father to child – cannot become vulnerable with each other.  The ability to become vulnerable with the other party in the relationship allows true feelings to be expressed, embraces to be shared, and love to migrate from one party to the other.

In expressing true feelings, especially those feelings that are categorized as negative, good solutions may be found to the problems that caused those negative feelings, thereby allowing positive feelings to come about once more. Thus, allowing for a typically vulnerable physical embrace and the reinstatement of the flow of love.

If trust is broken between two people, it may take a long time to rebuild or it may never exist again between the two.  The degree to which the trust has been violated does make a difference.  In cases where the degree of violation is large, trust will not be alone in the pile of damaged goods/feelings.

As parents, spouses, teachers, children, and any other role we may play in this game of life, we should always approach those we love with respect, empathy, caring, and consideration, lest we violate the trust between us.  Without trust, and the resulting vulnerability, we are only empty facades waiting to be blown down by the next strong wind.  In being trustworthy and vulnerable, our core is strong enough to sustain the next onslaught life brings because we have loved ones there to keep us standing.

“Do not impose on others what you do not desire others to impose upon you.” ― Confucius


Any thoughts?

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