About Mistress Sleep

Even though I made peace with Sleep last night, I am harboring a little resentment towards Sleep tonight.  Today is the eighth or ninth consecutive day I have not gotten enough sleep, and it really is starting to wear on me.  I would much rather get my sleep all in one chunk, but it does not always happen that way.  Monkey Man only takes one nap per day now which does not leave me many chances to catch up.  And every single day the past week, either I had some chore to do or Monkey Man was woken up from his nap right when I was about to fall asleep.  One day it was a phone call, the next day it was kids playing loudly outside, etc.

It is unfortunate that sleep is such an essential part of being able to function.  It would be nice if I could spend that other third of my life doing better things.  But for every hour of sleep missed, cognitive function decreases in a comparable way to one alcoholic beverage consumed.  Because of that, I find putting together a semi-coherent piece of writing on a less than ideal amount of sleep to be difficult.

So here I am, writing about sleep again, since it seems to currently rule my life.  I know I will get more soon, but it will not be soon enough.  After all, I have found a way to get enough in the past.  For now, though, I will have to put some things on the back burner so sleep can rise a little higher on my list of priorities.

If I could drink, I would throw one back for all the mothers who are similarly sleep deprived, and wish that they, too, get a moment with mistress Sleep soon.


2 thoughts on “About Mistress Sleep

  1. If you haven’t got enough sleep during the night… try taking a power nap in the afternoon…. if you are able to. If you’re at work… maybe a 10min cat-nap in your car. 🙂 It really re-charges you.

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