Long time, no write

So, it has been a while.  Things have gotten busy over here.  I would have posted sooner, but Monkey Man is having a reaction to his vaccinations and morning sickness hit me like a bus.

Morning sickness, for me, is darn near incapacitating.  I can still eat and drink, yes, but not much.  And the only thing I can muster doing besides that is curling up in bed with Monkey Man, which he doesn’t mind much.  He usually climbs on me, has some booby here and there, plays hide and seek under the covers, and brings me items to show him how to use/play with.  It’s not too bad, aside from him jarring my stomach frequently.  I just look like a big jungle gym to him.

Though, he has a renewed passion for pulling my hair lately, which can be a little annoying, but cute, too.  He pulls my hair to bring my face closer so he can whisper closely and give me kisses, and the occasional bite.  He also managed to poke my eye pretty good with his fingernail today, but was aiming for my ear.  Eye injuries are very irritating LOL.  I can’t remember ever having one, except the occasional piece of debris getting stuck under an eyelid or something, but darn it hurts!

However, for the big news, sort of.  I may have found a cure for morning sickness.  Or at least for the past two days, every time I consumed said cure, it makes the morning sickness disappear for 10-15 minutes.  Drum roll, please…  The cure is yogurt-water!  That might sound unfamiliar to most of you folks.  It’s a specific drink consumed with certain meals in some European and Asian countries.  In Bosnia, it is usually consumed alongside pita (phyllo dough wrapped potatoes, or ground meat, or spinach and cheese) and cevapi (little sausages served with raw onion and bread).  Usually, the ratio of yogurt to water is 1 : 2, but I prefer a ratio of 1 : 3.  And like I said, it makes my morning sickness disappear for a little while when I take a few sips.  It has an added bonus of helping keep me hydrated, which I was having difficulties with before.  But make sure, if you try some, to make it with REAL yogurt.  None of that fake stuff.  The only ingredient on the list should be “cultured grade A milk”.  I made it once with a yogurt that had artificial thickeners and whatnot, and it was pretty gross.  So stick to real whole milk plain yogurt.

I wonder if it would work its magic on any other human being besides me.  If anyone tries it, let me know!  I’d be very interested in knowing the results.

That’s all for now, folks.  You may now tune back into your regular stations.


Any thoughts?

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